Interview with UCLA Gymnastics

Being on the UCLA gymnastics team is an experience that has completely transformed me as a person.  I was never the best gymnast or the most athletic, but I was extremely successful in many ways. I learned to utilize my talents, hone in my leadership skills, and be an asset to the team. 

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UCLA ATHLETICS: Before the Storm 

"Craddock came to UCLA from Ruth Asawa School of the Arts in San Francisco, where she took contemporary and ballet classes daily. Once "that one freshman on the team who just doesn't seem to get it sometimes," Craddock has grown into a team leader who has learned to embrace every opportunity as a student-athlete at UCLA. No greater example of her growth was evident than when she recorded the Bruins' top score on beam at the NCAA Semifinals last year, a career-high 9.875."


The balancing act

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