Manifesting Mindfulness


The concept of manifesting mindfulness is an idea that has really helped me these past few years.  It’s enabled me to become much more reflective and develop a great sense of self- awareness.  To me, the word “mindfulness” refers to a specific mental state that is achieved when we are living fully in the present while being conscious of our own thoughts, feelings, and body sensations.  I like imagine my brain forming this special relationship with my body so that they can figure out what I need to be at my best.

It seems simple enough, right?! We are basically focusing on ourselves- our own thoughts, needs, and feelings. Now, the fun part is finding our own way to get to this state of mind.

I believe some people have become professional breather’s. These highly self- aware creatures have learned to sit for hours and just breathe and meditate. It’s so impressive and also something that I have yet to achieve.  Personally, I’m quite active and the thought of sitting and breathing for over a few minutes makes my eyes twitch. So I’ve taken some time to explore various methods of manifesting mindfulness in a way that works for me!

I can only name a handful of poses, and I’m definitely no yogi, but practicing yoga with the intent of being mindful is an act that I have found very beneficial. I walk into a yoga studio with a point to leave whatever distractions or negative thoughts behind, and just lay on a mat and appreciate the fact that I’m there.  Someone else is telling me what to do with my body, and my only job is to breathe through everything and see how my body feels. When I start to notice my outside world thoughts trickling into my namaste-time, I try my best to block them out by visualizing something lovely or focusing on breathing.

Of course there are a TON of places to practice yoga- I live in LA, so there’s literally a studio every other block! However, this isn’t Sisterhood of the Traveling Yoga Studio, and every place may not be the perfect fit. I discovered that my favorite place to go is Create Yoga in Santa Monica.  This extremely tranquil and cute space is flowing with positive energy.  Of course I love their classes and the different styles each teacher brings, but what draws me in the most is their ability to create a community.  They are constantly hosting yoga events and creating opportunities to meet new people and try new things!  Whether it’s doing yoga on a rooftop bar in downtown LA with a live DJ, or attending a weekend workshop where people come together and learn new techniques, they are always taking yoga to the next level in an innovative and fun way.   

Now, you won’t see me consistently going to yoga classes, or even going to every yoga event… But if you see me in class, know that I’m there for a reason. I listened to my body and decided to take an hour of my day to really sync my mind with my body.  Of course everyone is different, but I definitely believe that developing self-awareness and learning to feel what your body needs is an art that everyone should explore.  Manifesting my own mindfulness is something that I’m constantly working on, but this is my first step for my own journey!